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康满家远红外保养床垫采用碳纤维远红外膜制造,是世界上最先进的最先进的供暖保健产品之一。在欧美和韩国、日本已有三十多年的应用历史,它是一种高科技的环保产品。 Conmage far infrared health mattress is made from carbon fiber far infrared membrane


ag百家乐   Conmage far infrared health mattress is made from carbon fiber far infrared membrane . It is one of the most advanced heating and health products in the world. In Occident、Korea and Japan . It has more than 30 years of application history. It is a type of high-tech green-products.


  主要功能(The main functions):


  1.Cool in summer and warm in winter: In winter or cold weather, fur layer upward, open the mattress temperature control power and wait a moment, mattress will create the fur layer a soft, comfortable, warm, personal health sleep environment for the sleeper; in summer, out the leather mattress layer, open the air-conditioning, the temperature of the leather surface will decrease as the temperature drops. Then the mattress will become a mat which has a cool, breathable, comfortable and pleasant function.


ag百家乐   2.床上汗蒸:床垫牛皮层向上、打开床垫温控器电源,把床垫温度调至最高(亦可按自己的喜好调整温度,以能发汗为好),这时,床垫变为汗蒸垫,不出家门,不必另外购置汗蒸箱、即可轻松享受汗蒸、排毒的乐趣,既省钱有方便。

  2.Bed steam: place mattress leather layer up, open the mattress thermostat power and put the highest temperature of the mattress (also according to your own preferences to adjust the temperature, sweating as well). At this point, the mattress becomes steam pad. You can easily enjoy the fun of steam, and detoxification which does not require you to leave your house or purchase a additional sweat steaming box .It is both cheap and convenient.



  3.Intelligent controlling temperature: Intelligent controlling temperature device can run the highest temperature of the mattress surface up to 70 degrees Celsius, and can be set arbitrarily temperature from 10 to 70 degrees Celsius. When the mattress temperature reaches the set temperature, mattress can power down automatically without worrying about overheating incidents or other security issues.

  The mattress can save energy consumption and ensure the use safety. It is safe, convenient and beautiful. Also it has 12 hours timer function. All the above features are gathered to provide you a happy reunion and comfortable space.


ag百家乐   4.远红外线:本床垫通电后,会源源不断的发射远红外线,在取暖的同时,还可改善使用者的血液循环,促进新陈代谢,令血管内皮产生一氧化氮,在远红外线的作用下会使睡眠环境持续产生如草地、森林般的空气负离子,提高使用者的睡眠质量,保证使用者的健康。

ag百家乐   4.Far-infrared: It will launch a steady stream of far infrared after mattress is powered. When you warm yourself, it can also improve the user's blood circulation, promote metabolism, and make vascular endothelium product Nitric oxide. Under the action of far infrared ray, the sleeping environment can be generated with air negative ions continuously, which comes from the grass or the forest. It can improve the sleeping quality and ensure the health of the users.


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